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Debating Society

About us

*We meet on Thursdays from 4pm-5pm on the first floor of the Paisley Union and we welcome anyone interested in debating to come along and get involved regardless of experience.*

Please don't hesitate to email any questions you have to


Debating Society is a young one, only being founded in 2022. Because of this, joining as a member now gives you the opportunity to help mould the way our society operates. Roles on the committee are also still available, so if you can see yourself being part of the leadership team in a number of different positions then get in touch.


We aim to provide debates every week ranging in topics which are decided upon by the members at sessions. In our sessions we will improve your comprehension of debate structures, your role and, techniques to help you more easily argue your point and win.


Actively debating in our sessions will help you to improve your critical thinking and make you more able to defend and argue your beliefs more effectively. Our structured sessions will also improve your confidence in your public speaking abilities, a crucial aspect of many careers after leaving University.

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