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It's a Penalty: Student Ambassador

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It's a Penalty: Student Ambassador

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It’s a Penalty’s Student Ambassador Programme provides UK university students with a highly
flexible and impactful volunteering opportunity. As a Student Ambassador, you’ll support us to
achieve our mission of ending abuse, exploitation and human trafficking. Human trafficking is the
world’s fastest growing crime so your involvement will make an important difference to your local
community and wider society. You’ll also develop important skills and experience to enhance your

After completing our core training, you’ll engage other students, university staff and/or your local
community through awareness raising, change making and/or fundraising challenges of your
choice. We recommend student ambassadors complete one individual challenge and one team
challenge per term.

We’ll provide you with regular advice and support, high-quality training, recognition of your
achievements and opportunities to get involved in the wider work of the charity. You’ll form part
of a local group of student ambassadors at your university and gain skills in teamwork, leadership,
advocacy, event planning, marketing, time management and more!

Time Commitment: Averaging roughly 1 or 2 hours per week, which can be done flexibly to fit
around your other commitments.


  • Plan and undertake individual and team challenges
  • Educate students, university staff and the wider community on human trafficking,
  • exploitation and abuse
  • Advocate for change to make your campus and city slavery-free
  • Fundraise vital funds to save lives
  • Communicate effectively with It’s a Penalty staff
  • Complete required training to better understand modern slavery
  • Support other Student Ambassadors at your university
  • Support the wider work of It’s a Penalty



It's a Penalty works collaboratively to end human trafficking, exploitation and abuse. We run local
and global education and awareness campaigns highlighting penalties for offenders, the signs to
look out for, and how to make a report.

Our Student Ambassador Programme educates and empowers UK university students to prevent
human trafficking, the world's fastest growing crime.

It’s a Penalty run global campaigns during major sporting events such as the Olympic & Paralympic
Games and the NFL Super Bowls, working in partnership with the sports, travel and tourism
industry, NGO's, law enforcers and top athletes. We also advocate for legal reform to improve
protection from sexual exploitation and abuse for children through our CommonProtect



All Student Ambassadors complete our core training on Modern Slavery Awareness as part of their
induction, which will help you understand the different types, vulnerabilities and complexities of
modern slavery. We also have optional online training courses on topics such as active bystander,
campaigning and healthcare specific modern slavery. During term time, we also run some live
training sessions on various topics to support you in your role.

Through this role, you’re likely to gain and improve your skills in teamwork, leadership, advocacy,
event planning, marketing, time management and more!



All campuses.



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There are no particular skills or experience required for this role - it is open to everyone.



We do not have a selection process - we accept all volunteers. All Student Ambassadors are required to complete our online training on
Modern Slavery Awareness as part of their induction.


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