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Care Experienced Society

About us

This society is not currently active. If you're interested in establishing the group, send us an email for more information on how this can be done and how the Students' Union can help:


This society is open to any students who are:

  • care experienced
  • student carers
  • estranged from their families


UWS WeCare Team

The UWS WeCare Team support students who are care experienced, student carers or estranged from their families.  If you think you might need some advice or support you can email and the Team can help and put you in touch with Student Services at UWS from the academic skills team, to the disability team or counselling service as well as the funding and advice team.  In addition keep an eye out for emails from the WeCare Team telling you about the support they offer as well as any events they are planning during the course of the year.


You can find more information at


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