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Tabletop Games Society Paisley

If it can be played at a table, we probably have it; if we don't have it, you're welcome to bring it; if you bring it, it will be played at a table.

About us

Hello, and welcome to the Tabletop and Roleplaying Games society. I know this page looks a bit austere, but don't worry, what we don't have in flair, we make up for it in amazing content. 

We welcome any and all, experienced or new, any preference, or any game you wish to play.

In this society we strive to provide an ideal environment for you meet like minded people, play games, and learn about this wonderful hobby in a safe and controlled space. Veterans and complete newbies are equally welcome, we are all made equal in Gary Gygax's light. 

We mostly run and organize things through our Discord server, where there are always discussions, questions and nice chats to partake in. Feel free to join us and ask away! 


Welcome Party Success

On Wednesday 20th September we hosted ourWelcome Party in the Paisley Union. ?? 35 new and returning students got together to enjoy games, conversation and a mountain of pizzas!


"It was amazing. Everyone had a great time, the pizzas were delicious, and having the entire first floor to ourselves made the ambience amazing, everyone walked out with a smile on their faces" (Javier, Tabletop Games Society committee member)


 Scroll to see some group pictures from the evening ??

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