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Business Society

About us

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Established in 2020, the Enterprise Team encourages all students at UWS to get involved in several initiatives and enterprising activities!


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These include:

  • Enrolling onto Enterprise modules
  • Joining the Business Society
  • Attending Enterprise Discussion Groups, and Student Drop-ins
  • Entering their business ideas to the annual competition and events


The Business Society is for students who:

  • Are enrolled onto a business programme or
  • Currently studying a business or enterprise module, or
  • Have a business or enterprising idea, or
  • Have an interest in a management or leadership career


The society aims to provide both academic and social benefits. With the society, students can meet and learn from each other all while studying for their degree. The Business Society highlights three key values. These are Responsibility, Capability, and Creativity.

  • Firstly, the Society encourages students to take the initiative and develop key responsibilities that prepare them for the world of work
  • Secondly, the Society aims to centralise business, managerial, and leadership skills which are developed as students get involved and undertake society roles
  • Thirdly, as students progress towards graduation, evidence of enterprising activities and behaviours are desired by employers and industries – so simply being creative and consistently contributing ideas to the student group is important


There are a number of things that the Business Society, and its members, can lead and get involved in. This includes:

  • Organising Student-led events & Business-related projects
  • Hosting Careers & Employability Info Sessions & Guest Speakers
  • Encouraging Social Enterprise
  • Facilitating a place to grow business ideas
  • Developing ?Debate Teams & Presentations


The Business Society is one of the many offerings from the Enterprise Team of UWS’ School of Business and Creative Industries, and is facilitated within The Hive incubators.


New business idea development and incubator session details below!


The Hive @ Lanarkshire Campus


The Hive @ Paisley Campus


For more information, visit our site:


Any questions, just ask. See you all soon!


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