Ovoke Adams Adamatie
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Vice President of Student Development

A Student Development Officer focuses on fostering growth among students by organising diverse programs, workshops, and initiatives.





Introducing Ovoke

Hi Dreamers!

I am Ovoke Adams Adamatie, the Vice-President of Student Development at the University of the West of Scotland Students’ Union. My role entails organising enriching extracurricular experiences that are beyond the classroom.

These include organising trips, fun events, and fostering vibrant societies. All are geared towards providing our students with a variety of opportunities and essential skills, such as networking and coping with loneliness. In addition to my responsibilities, I actively seek out opportunities that will greatly benefit our students, enhancing their overall experience at university.

Priorities for my time in Office

Collaboration lies at the heart of my approach. I work closely with you (fellow students) as well as various departments/organisations within and outside the university. Together, our goal is to ensure that your time here at UWS is nothing short of extraordinary, with opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

My primary focus for the current academic year remains strengthening the stability of our societies. I believe in empowering them to thrive and become even more vibrant hubs of engagement and companionship. I am also firmly committed to continuing the creation of our diverse exchange programs. These initiatives are designed to not only facilitate a seamless integration during your time at the university but also to enable a smooth transition into the working world upon graduation.

Rest assured, I am dedicated to making your university experience fascinating. So, if you have any ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out - I'm all ears and ready to make your university experience extraordinary.

We got this!