Manpreet Kaur
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Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing

Your Welfare and Wellbeing Officer is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the mental, emotional, and physical health of students.





Introducing Manpreet

Hi everyone, my name is Manpreet Kaur I am from India, (Punjab ) and currently living in London after I completed my master's in finance last year.

First of all a huge welcome to UWS along with wishes that you fulfill all your dreams. I always believe we all have one precious life, so just enjoy every moment of this sweet and sour candy… Do not stress yourself out for future outcomes, instead, work hard, and believe in yourself.

Priorities for my time in Office

My priorities for this year while working in office will be to make sure every student is in a healthy environment by creating stress free surroundings in UWS. As well as making sure you have a great university experience at UWS.

I will be guiding all of you to get all the necessary and right information for the services provided by UWS. So you can take full advantage of those services without it affecting your wellbeing.

I will be working on issues like academic stress (learning stress ), welfare happiness (to make UWS a home away from home), and a lot more.

In short I will be your voice… You are welcome to share your problems and issues that are causing you stress and making you question your comfort at UWS. Let’s work together to experience a beautiful year ahead .

I can’t wait to meet you all and accomplish our goals together.

Fun Facts About Manpreet

  • I love traveling and exploring new places. I definitely want to visit Dubai (with my mum), Egypt and, America. They are at the top of my bucket list.
  • Ideas for a great day? Starting the day with a big smile and hope for a beautiful day
  • My favourite snacks? Samosas, popcorn, and mom’s homemade snacks!
  • My favourite hobbies? Painting, pencil sketching, and reading books!