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UWS Students get loads of opportunity to feedback on their experience, here are a few places you can give feedback.
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At UWS there are loads of opportunities to feedback on your experience as a student. Students are the only people who know what it is like to be a student at UWS - you are the experts! That's why it's so important to share your feedback through any or all of the following methods.

Student Representatives on University Committees

Through student representation on university committees, your feedback is shared across UWS at all levels, so often the first person you might want to speak to if you want to give feedback on a particular issue is one of your reps! Think about whether your issue is course, division, school, or university wide level and then find the right person to speak to below.

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Surveys and Questionnaires

Throughout the year you will recieve invitations to complete surveys or questionnaires to inform decisions about the student experience at UWS. The results of these are utilised by the university, the union, or both to improve the experience for you and the students who come after you at UWS. These may include but are not limited to:

Module Evaluation Questionnaires

For each module you complete at UWS you will be asked to complete a Module Evaluation Qurstionnaire (MEQ). This should take no more than five minutes to complete, and will be used to improve the learning experience on your module. If you want to know more or don't think you have had the opportunity to complete an MEQ, please contact your module or programme leader.

National Student Survey (NSS)

The National Student Survey (NSS) is your chance to look back on your higher education experience and speak out on everything from the teaching on your course, access to resources and equipment, and even about the student voice. You will recieve an invitation to fill this in at the end of your university journey. The NSS is a UK-wide, official survey which allows you to reflect on your time at university. You can find out more about the NSS here.

Students' Union Survey

Each year we will ask you to complete our student union survey, which helps us to work for you. You will recieve an invitation to complete the survey towards the end of the academic year. We use this to make our offering better for you! Last year you told us that you'd like to see our communications improved, as well as making sure that students know about the Students' Union. Because of that we have undertaken this recent website design and created a new communications strategy designed to keep you abrest of who we are and what we can do for you. If you would like to talk further about the Students' Union survey please email us.

Focus Groups

UWS needs student to represent their views and focus groups are a great way to secure student input, whether it be at programme, subject, School or University level.  The University is keen to know where changes can be made to improve the quality of its modules, students’ overall experience  or to have the opportunity to engage with student on a specific issue or topic – they have recently run a series of  focus groups on Enhancement Led Institutional Review (ELIR) and on student digital capabilities  - focus groups are a great way to discover what you honestly think! If you would be interested in attending focus groups you can contact the UWS quality team.

Programme Design and Approval Activities

Before UWS approve a new programme, students must be consulted. There is space for a student member on the drafting team to ensure student involvement in the programme planning and deisn process. You may also be able to participate via focus groups or online learning spaces like Aula. Students are also included when there will be significant changes to an existing programme such as the addition of an honours level.

Programme Approval panel love to meet with students and like to take the opportunity to ask you about your experience here at UWS and may ask a range of questions about feedback, assessment methods, personal tutoring, learning environment, resources and graduate attributes (I am UWS; Universal, Work-Ready and Successful). If you would like more information on programme approval activities or would be interested in attending an event please email

UWS enhancement and annual monitoring events

The UWS Quality Enhancement and Standards Team exist not only to make sure that the student experience at UWS meet certain standards, but that they are continually being reviewed and improved. Students support this process every time they talk to their student rep, fill in a survey, or attend a focus group. However, there are also specific events that students can get involved in.

School-Based Annual Monitoring Events take place annually in mid-November where the School reflects on External Examiners reports, Programme Monitoring Reports (a repot completed by each programme leader that reflects on the previous years running of the programme and links to data on progression, national student survey, employability etc.) and data from surveys and student feedback. There are often opportunities for students to participate in these events within their Schools.  Furthermore, an Institutional EAM event takes place annually (usually in December) and there has been increased participation and representation among students representative at this seminar in recent years. If you want more information on annual monitoring or would like to attend the University wide event please email

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You can always just get in touch with us directly if you have something you want to get off your chest! We love hearing from students! Drop us an email and let us know what you think.