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    Gender Neutral bathrooms - POLICY LAPSE

      Voice Notes: 1. That UWS does not currently have any gender neutral toilets. 2. The only bathrooms which are available as gender neutral are disabled toilets. Voice Resolves: 1. To mandate the Sabbatical Officers to lobby for the creating of Gender Neutral toilets in the new Lanarkshire campus and all existing campuses. 2. That the Students’ Association shows its support for gender neutral toilets by transforming at least one bathroom to be gender neutral on each of its sites by the end of the 17/18 financial year. 3. That the toilets should be labelled as “gender neutral” or “Toilet” with no other designations or symbols, save for a notice which may explain who can use the toilets after they are first put in.

      Why you think it is important

      Voice Believes: 1. That urinating is not sexual 2. That this issue, should be a non-issue. The world will not end if everyone uses the same toilets. 3. Every home has gender neutral toilets 4. That gender neutral toilets are important to ensure the continued safety of LGBT+ students, particularly those that do not define as cisgender (people who identify as the same gender as they were assigned at birth) 5. That gender neutral toilets should not be created from pre-existing accessible bathrooms, which are used predominately by disabled people.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      This is an old policy due to lapse. It can be renewed or allowed to lapse.
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