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These are ideas submitted by students but rejected by student council.

These are ideas which were suggested by students but rejected by student council. You can also check out passed ideas and current ideas.

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    Introduction of an Equal Opportunities Committee

      This policy will mandate the creation of an committee formed of students to represent and fight for students in the university. This committee will consist of a member of every liberation group and a representative of every campus. This will stand as a separate body of which no member of an executive body of the students association may sit on. Their sole task will be to field complaints, in doing so they will tackle prejudice, discrimination, and inequality on all campuses. Should a student find themselves being mistreated in any way in relation to who they are, or if they feel their campus isn't providing adequate support, they could approach the committee who would work with SAUWS and the university to address such issues.

      Why you think it is important

      Currently, students do not have adequate representation, this policy seeks to address that and ensure all students, regardless of who they are and what campus they're on on, have equal access to services and representation when they need it most.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

    Clare Montgomery
    10:08am on 23 Mar 19 Great Idea -everyone should feel supported and that they have someone they can turn to if they experience discrimination. The committee could also help to educate staff and students, influence university inclusion policies and empower those who haven't felt they had 'a voice' before.