Student Rep Resources

Student Rep Resources

Hello and welcome to our collection of resources to help reps! We'll add to this as reps get elected and we go through the year.

Student Rep handbook - all the key information for being a rep, all in one place!


Rep Training

Rep Training is being conducted online and there are two parts to it this year. - one online self directed study module and one virtual session with a Rep Trainer. The live sessions with the trainer will be available to sign up for as soon as possible, and the first round of training will be held between the 4th and 22nd of October.

You will be automatically enrolled onto the Rep Training module (situated on MyUWS) and you will receive an email once this is done, please keep a look out for this.  Once you access this module please read the information and instructions carefully.  If you have any trouble accessing it, please email who will help you

Your main source of information and communication with other reps throughout the year will be the Student Rep 23-24 Teams group where you can talk to other reps, keep up to date on all things Rep related and create a community of Reps to support each other.


All training info and resources will also be available here. Training takes place at various points during the year with an online module available all year round and the first live sessions being held in October 2023 with more to follow.


Developed with a team of experts at sparqs (student partnerships in quality scotland) the training provides an introduction to the role of course rep and is designed to help you perform that role well.


There are 2 parts to Training

Part 1 - Is an online study module, in which you can learn the core material independently (you'll be enrolled onto this upon election)

Part 2 - Is an in person workshop facilitated by the Union's Representation Team to put what you learn from the online module into practice. Once you've completed Part 1, you can register for Part 2 (look out for the link at the end of the Part 1 Quiz)


This year we have made lots of changes to the training and are encouraging all reps, including reps who've undertaken training in previous years, to do it again.


If you have any questions about the training, please get in touch with a member of the Union Rep Team via

Are you a staff member looking for more information? Check out our guide to help you elect, report, and support your reps here.

Want to know even more about who does what in the representation system at UWS? Check out our joint representation road map here!

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