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Day 4 - Freezing is Normal - Its not your fault.

Part of the Union's 16 Days against Gender Based Violence Campaign.

Rape Crisis Scotland have created a campaign which challenges people would know how they would respond if they were a victim of gender violence or sexual assault. There is a stigma attached to people who are victims who do not fight back or freeze. The following video is part of this campaign. 

There is no correct way to respond to assault and it is absolutely not your fault. Many survivors freeze or feel unable or scared to move, escape of fight back. This is a natural and normal response. Assault is a traumatic event and we cannot control our reaction. It is not your fault. Survivors fear being judged or not being believed which stops survivors from coming forward meaning they may not receive the care and support they need and the perpetrator may not face charges. 

We need to believe survivors, ensure proper access to justice and be allies. We invite you to share and use the hashtag #ijustfroze when discussing sexual and domestic assault, share the above video and visit the Rape Crisis Scotland website to find out more about this campaign.

Remember: there is no correct way to react to assault and it is never your fault. 

Help & Support

  • Your Union's advice service has put together a list of contacts for those experiencing GBV at the following link:
  • Rape Crisis Scotland provides a national rape crisis helpline and email support for anyone affected by sexual violence, no matter when or how it happened. Vist