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Statement from the Board of Trustees

You may be aware that on March 22nd 2017 Student Voice voted not to ratify the appointment of four external trustees to the Students’ Association of the University of the West of Scotland (SAUWS) Board of Trustees. This was the result of a regrettable oversight in the internal process, which we have now reviewed to ensure a robust procedure is in place for future ratifications.  We would like to reassure you that this was not a reflection on the external trustees or the contribution they have made to SAUWS.

Whilst SAUWS acknowledges the vote taken at the Student Voice meeting on March 22nd and the ruling made by the Senior Student Representative; after many discussions with the University and legal advisors it was agreed appropriate for the external trustees to remain in post. This decision is based on the input the external trustees have had in the overall control and management of the Association during the past 14 months and to ensure SAUWS remain compliant with charity legislation. 

Since March 22nd, three of the four external trustees have resigned from their position.  Given this development SAUWS will now move to appoint three new external trustees and four student trustees to fill the current vacancies on the Board in order to ensure the effective ongoing governance of the Association.

SAUWS are dedicated to the development of the Students’ Association and are excited by the prospect of appointing new external Trustees with specific professional skills and knowledge that will aid in achieving the long-term goals and objectives of the organisation.

During Student Voice it was noted that students wish to know more about the decisions that are being made within SAUWS and how they can become involved. We want to make sure all decisions that are being made by the Board are transparent. It is for this reason we will be reviewing the methods in which we report to the student body on the topics of discussion and the decisions reached during Student Voice and Board meetings. We aim to make this information easier to access and more widely known across the student body.    

In the coming weeks SAUWS will begin the process of recruiting four Student Trustees to serve on the Board. We are seeking smart and dedicated students with energy, passion and the drive to help take SAUWS forward, to help ensure we remain at the forefront when working for students and providing the services they need. Information on how to express interest in becoming a Student Trustee is available on

The appointment of four student trustees will ensure that while we make the best possible use of the experience provided by external trustees, SAUWS Students along with the elected Sabbatical Officers will hold a majority on the Board; guaranteeing SAUWS will still continue to be predominantly guided by UWS students. 

The Board are looking to appoint interim trustees to ensure the short term sustainability of the Association.

The SAUWS Board remain confident and excited about the future and the prospect of building robust Association, that works for all our students, run by a student majority and external trustees. An Association that truly exemplifies the values ingrained within the fabric of our organisation. As we move forward we will ensure our values connect with every aspect of the organisation from the Board to the bar and the far beyond.

If you have any questions regarding the above, they you can get in touch with the Sabatical Officers here