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Art Society UWS

About us

Register here for more information on what we're planning this year, and how to get involved:


Hi and welcome to the Arts Society@UWS, based at the Ayr campus


  • Our society is passionate about art whether painting, printmaking, digital, time-based or intermedia, and welcome all no matter level and/or experience
  • Whether you want to develop skills, explore different mediums, or just to have creative fun – join us!


You can contact us and find out more information on what we are doing this year here:


Our activities for this term:

We meet every two weeks at the Ayr Campus. Anyone is welcome to come and join us!


Location: Ayr Campus Art Studio, 3.092

Time: 2pm-4pm


  • 31st January: Intro/signing
  • 14th February: Themed work
  • 28th February: Cyanotype workshop
  • 13th March: Making Paper workshop
  • 27th March: Linocut and Woodcut workshop
  • 10th April: Figurative workshop *subject to model
  • 24th April: Artist Talk *subject to artist availability


Membership Fee:

  • We have a joining fee of £10
  • This is used to purchase our art supplies
  • You will receive details for how to pay your membership fee once you register through the Google Form linked above

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