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    Designated Smoking Areas

      I think it would be beneficial to all students campus wide if the university had designated smoking areas for students to use.

      Why you think it is important

      Currently the campus operates a no smoking policy on campus which is failing in two ways. Firstly an abundance of students do not abide by this policy and continue to smoke on campus. Secondly if a student is abiding by the current policy they typically smoke at the campus boundaries. This is problematic as it causes an influx of littering of cigarette ends at all locations, and further to this any student walking past said smoking students (abiding by the policy or not) are subjected to a vast amount of second hand smoke which has extreme adverse effects on student health.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      As a former smoker I completely sympathise with people who chose to smoke, and I think this issue must be handled with care as smoking is a form of addiction, so smokers cannot simply be persecuted for their actions - (when following policies). If there was a designated area for smokers to go it would hopefully confine said smoking to one location, which would also limit littering of cigarettes across the campus. Further to this the only people who would be harmed by this smoke would the be individuals who decide to partake in smoking.
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