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    Student Card Availability

      Student ID card availability- available for students who both need and want.

      Why you think it is important

      With the transition to paperless a lot of students have been told their card is on the MyDay app- but this isn't good enough for placement for Nursing students, and more. What if your phone is lost? What if you don't have the internet to bring it up? What if your card doesn't have your picture on it? It is not secure enough for placements to have a digital thing that anyone can make- hard copies are required. And asking for them is a major issue, as students face 'you don't need them' and treated like 5 years olds and told how to use their phones correctly.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

    Hazel Brodie
    6:09pm on 12 Nov 20 I completely agree KimberleyAnn. It is essential we have an ID card on placement. When trying to get an ID printed at Dumfries they did try to help saying “we understand why you can’t use an electronic ID on placement, but nobody has told us anything”. Unfortunately they were unable to print anything off. They thanked us for the heads us re the tsunami of BSc students who will need their IDs before placement in February . I still don’t really know what the plan is regarding student IDs and find this concerning given placement starts in 10 days
    Sabina Lawrie
    11:05am on 16 Nov 20 Hi all - I've been informed by the school of HLS that students are going to have their cards posted out to them. I hope this helps!
    Clare Hunter
    6:32pm on 7 Jan 21 Any student that has an issue with this should be able to go through the hub to obtain a physical card if it is required. I don’t think we need a physical policy to get this fixed for students. Just the knowledge that going via the hub with the issue should get it resolved
    Kimberleyann Boyce
    9:07pm on 7 Jan 21 You would think so Clare, but nope! A good number of students went and asked for the cards and were refused, told that they would not be receiving one, and that the app would suffice when on placement.
    Jonathan Gibb-Walsh
    11:45pm on 11 Jan 21 Clare, I asked for a physical student ID card from the hub, request denied. Was told to use the digital one on my day. To be honest this is practical for any student as there is no details of programme of study etc etc. I understand that Health and life sciences students need them for placement, in my view all students should get a physical card. Is not that hard to post them out.