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    Changing Places - Accessible Bathrooms

      1. That SAUWS works together with relevant Societies which represent disabled students to carry out a holistic campaign to remove the taboo and stigma associated with going to the bathroom. 2. That SAUWS will campaign and work together with UWS to ensure there is at least one Changing Places bathroom on all campuses. 3. That SAUWS will work together with UWS to aim towards Changing Places Accreditation

      Why you think it is important

      1. There is still a lot of stigma over using a toilet and having different toileting facility requirements. 2. A wider campaign needs to happen over empowering students and removing the stigma faced. Everyone goes to the toilet. 3. Providing Changing Place style facilities will help students stay on campus, not have to return to their homes and will enhance their education and uptake of extracurricular activities. 4. Working towards Changing Places accreditation will highlight that UWS and SAUWS take accessibility and supporting disabled people seriously.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      1. Over 1/4 million people need Changing Places style toilets to enable them to be part of wider society and enjoy activities which many take for granted. 2. Currently there are no bathrooms within any UWS or SAUWS building which provides all of the three basic requirements many disabled people require. These are: a. The right equipment (height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and a hoist system) b. Enough space – adequate space in the changing area for the disabled person and up to two carers, A centrally placed toilet with room either side and A screen / curtain to allow some privacy c. A safe and clean environment – wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench, a large waste bin and a non-slip floor. 3. Within the wider Glasgow area there is only 1 University / College which has a bathroom which meets Changing Places Scheme requirements – Glasgow Clyde College. 4. There have been several campaigns over empowering people who require facilities Changing Places style bathrooms offer however individuals still face quite a lot of barriers and stigma which will, and does, have an impact on their education and ability to take part in extra curricular activities.
    Hannah Eaton
    4:34pm on 8 Dec 20 The Accessibility to Education UWS society approves of this policy and encourages student representatives to vote in favour of it.
    Ellie Gomersall
    7:07pm on 17 Jan 21 The UWS Greens have voted to support this policy and would like to encourage student reps to vote in favour of it.
    Sarah Anderson
    11:11am on 19 Jan 21 Thankyou Ellie! I sit on the disabled members group of SNP and am actually hoping this can be a cross Party policy also. Very thankful to you!