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    Policy Lapse - Demilitarise UWS - Oct 17

      1. To ban all armed forces marketing and campaigning from our Students Association buildings across all sites 2. To lobby the university to do the same 3. To make clear our position as a student association that stands against both the harmful occupation of foreign nations and the exploitation of the working class

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      This policy was originally passed in October 2017

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    Owen North
    2:13pm on 25 Nov 21 While I may certainly agree that some of the foreign wars Britain has fought in the recent past have been folly, in Iraq, for instance, nonetheless (unless you subscribe to Pacifism), we do need an Army, a Navy, and an Air Force to defend the realm and to promote British interests abroad, to keep shipping lanes open, to fight against terrorism, to provide disaster relief, etc. To hinder Her Majesty's Armed Forces to this end is foolish, wrong, bordering on treasonous, and not to mention incredibly unpopular. As well as that, I would also add that it is very insensitive to the sacrifices that men and women have made in defence of this country.