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    Mindfulness pods/rooms

      An area or room where students can go to help with stress and clear their minds. calming music, mindfulness, comfy relaxing seating/laying down, weighted blankets and privacy.

      Why you think it is important

      As a person who suffers with anxiety i sometimes get overwhelmed at university. i had a horrible episode where i was stuck in the library at the lovely study pods at the Lanarkshire campus for 30 minutes. i could not move from the seat as my anxiety was very high and i did not have anywhere close that i could go and use my methods to relieve this.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      as a student at Lanarkshire campus i do not know anywhere that i could go to relax my mind to help me to calm down without embarrassment and eventually come back and continue my studies in the library. Im not sure if anyone else feels this way but if they do i think this would make a great addition to the already amazing university.
    Clare Hunter
    11:42pm on 23 Oct 19 Hi I don’t know if you know about the prayer/ quiet space on Lanarkshire campus. It’s in the corridor beside the gym, is a closed off room, at the back of the corridor after the first aid room, your student card should allow you access,and has some chairs and tables it in. It doesn’t have any blankets though but it is a closed off space- considering the open nature of the campus.