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Find out what Students' Union policies have been passed by students, and more importantly, what is being done about them.

Here you can find a list of all the policies which have been passed by student council. We're working on a live tracker so you can check the progress of each policy, but until we've got that up and running please contact your student president team to ask for an update on policies. You can also check out current ideas and rejected ideas.

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    Access to Bloomberg terminal and linkedin learning

      University should provide the Bloomberg terminal in all campuses especially in London campus for Masters and DBA students to get easy access to data which is vital for any research. Secondly university can at-least provide all the students a free subscription for LinkedIn learning software which have arrays of courses ranging from business and technologies as well as software learning videos and tutorials.

      Why you think it is important

      Having access to data is utmost important for a research student and UWS students are struggling in this regards due to lack of proper infrastructure. I am London campus students and I have to request my other university friends to get me data for my research from their Bloomberg terminal which are provided by nearly every university in London. Beside this LinkedIn learning software is educational tools which is beneficial equally for students and teachers as it have courses for continues professional developments in it. I would request my university is to think on these suggestions and act as soon as possible.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      I am a Doctorate students in London campus and I am very happy with my teaching staff but I think there is very little we can do in London campus as its close over the weekend and during week days building close at seven beside that IT infrastructure is Old and we dont have access to any special soft wares so we can not do much in university during our self study time. So we are struggling to study and have to ask other universities to let us in and use their equipment to study which is very shameful.
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