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    Ensuring all vending machines offer card payments and/or on campus change giving

      The university had numerous vending machines around the campus (Paisley), of which some accept card payments and other require cash (coins). In my view and the students view that I have raised this issue with find this unacceptable, citing that all machines should offer card payments.

      Why you think it is important

      This is important as outside canteen hours these vending machines are the only source of food/drinks and confectionery on my campus - (assuming the same for other campuses too) - and in order to use them the students are forced to carry coins to do so; which many students either find this inconvenient or uncomfortable to do so. The students are aware that some of these machines do in fact take card but a number of them don't, which is troubling. This particularly becomes an issue during out of hours as certain areas of the campus become restricted; rendering students unable to use certain card accepting machines - in fear of being hounded by the security team.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      Further to this if the students were to obtain cash from an ATM on campus there is still no way to use certain machines as they require coins. And if any attempt is made to ask canteen staff for change - explaining why - the students are typically met with an unsavoury response. The only real way to solve this issue is by either; ensuring all vending machines take card payments, and/or putting facilities on campus where students are able to obtain change.
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