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    Auctions in Aid of Charity and SAUWS Student Groups - Policy Due to Lapse

      Council Notes – 1. That the auctioning of volunteers at events in aid of charity or to raise funds for good causes such as students groups are common across universities in Britain. 2. Such auctions (sometimes referred to as ‘slave auctions’) are done by all kinds of charities and organisations for good causes e.g. Children in Need, Comic Relief, Cancer Research and even the Whitehouse. Council resolves – 1. Such events be referred to as ‘Player or club (name of club) member auctions’ when being advertised via any media used to promote the event by promoters and organisers. 2. The term ‘slave auction’ will not be used by any groups when promoting such events through SAUWS media channels (i.e. posters, facebook and newspapers etc.). 3. Charitable auctions of this nature are allowed to take place as part of student lead events or fundraisers. 4. All members taking part must be volunteers. 5. The length of time of purchase will be 2 hours maximum and the compare for the event will outline that the club members etc are not being bought for any sexual, discriminatory or demeaning acts. 6. Any person taking part reserves the right to refuse to participate at any point if they are not comfortable and will not be discriminated against if they take up this right, this will be made clear by the organisers. 7. When such events are planned, the groups planning such events must seek advice and confirm the above guidelines with a member of SAUWS welfare staff or a relevant sabbatical officer.

      Why you think it is important

      Council Believes – 1. Such events are done to raise money and awareness of good causes and are taken part in by volunteers wanting to raise money for charity or other good causes. 2. As a body that represents students from all groups of society, we should implement relative precautions during such events to make the event non- discriminatory and reinforce the good nature intended for these types of event. 3. That such events are a fun way for students to raise some money within their students union.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      This is an old policy due to lapse. It can be renewed or allowed to lapse. NB from Minutes: Members ask for it to be noted that both BME members in the room voted against this motion please be aware of this when moving forward.
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