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    Teaching proposal - Camera on during video lecturers

      I would like to propose that lecturers provided a recorded video of themselves during their speech for the online video presentations, alongside with the learning content in the same screen.

      Why you think it is important

      It is important to consider this in order to keep working towards a more effective home learning environment. It can be very difficult to engage and keep paying attention to presentations of long duration by just looking at a static images/slides for several minutes while only listening to a background voice. This is a chance for lecturers to fully utilise their teaching skills and increase their capacity to engage the learner by using their body language with this method, which is known to be a key element for an effective video presentation. This would surely result in an improved adaptation in face to face classes that learners are unfortunately not experiencing anymore.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      It should be mentioned that two lecturers have already used this approach in one instance, which has been positively highlighted by students.
    Kimberleyann Boyce
    5:46am on 13 Nov 20 I had thought that there was something that was making this a kind of legal thing, I.E all lectures must be recorded and have subtitles for inclusion? But I agree it is needed.
    Matthew Sweeney
    5:47pm on 18 Nov 20 This, I believe is already University Policy.
    Clare Hunter
    6:38pm on 7 Jan 21 It’s not university policy that lecturers need to record themselves making a recording of the recording- to my knowledge. There are some software packages which allow the person making a presentation to put themselves picture in picture on top of the slides for example. I don’t feel that as a sabbatical officer I should be in the position of telling lecturers how they should create materials. There are elements that I would argue are necessary- appropriate slides/ subtitles certainly. But I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable asking a lecturer to provide an additional image of themselves, whilst for some it may be beneficial. It’s also not going to be practical for some lecturers to make resources in this way- limited set ups/ kids at home. It also might not suit everyone’s teaching style, I don’t feel it’s something we can campaign for as mandatory.
    Gordon Lawrie
    11:26pm on 8 Jan 21 The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 are the regulations which mandate that video content on public sector websites. It's worth noting that live lectures are not actually caught by these regulations. (Part 1, Section 4(2)(c) if you care about such things.) Senior management have alluded at last council to a University policy requiring that all online lectures be recorded and made available to the relevant students, however to date the University has not published any policies to this effect at There are also serious practical ramifications to such a policy revolving around the consent of all students who contribute to a given discussion, and protecting the privacy of students who don't want their contributions potentially limitlessly redistributed by a bad actor. This topic dominated the last Law SSLG. This policy goes further than that, as it would require lecturers to essentially deliver their lectures twice. There is also the distinct possibility that such recordings would be considered work made for hire, damaging the value of the lecturer's future labour. This is a bad policy. It is impractical. Unworkable. Unfair