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    No detriment

      That any degree which is not an accredited degree (which has to set certain standards) should have exams cancelled and coursework should be the mark in which people gain.

      Why you think it is important

      There are people with caring commitments, people who have children and then there are people who could test positive and have their health impacted by Covid.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      No one is asking for free grades, this year has been much harder than last year, and it honestly feels like there has been no support to get us through this. Some of us are making ourselves ill worrying about failing because kids will be at home during exams or loved ones are very ill. At least the consideration for this would be helpful.
    Declan Rodgers
    12:16am on 8 Jan 21 There's been lots of issues at the beginning and now with timetable clashes, in my course we have 2 assessments on the same day after the Xmas break. It's really disarming, as one of assessments is for a module which doesn't take place on that day(whereas the other does and makes sense). The time also clashed (and has since been reshuffled to accommodate) which really seems like poor coordination. My concern is also for group coursework, it's hard enough organising it face-to-face, with relying only on instant messaging this year, very capable students will suffer due to stragglers. This year so far has felt like stumbling from one frustration to the next.
    Sarah Anderson
    9:12am on 10 Jan 21 Hugely agree with this policy. First year social work students have had several students suggested they drop out as theyve contracted Covid so had to miss a week as caring for kids, getting healthy and uni work was too much. This is a ridiculous suggestion but these students, as brilliant as they are, are even now wondering if theyre good enough. We are fortunate our exam time was lengthened to 24 from 2 hours however having to homeschool young children, care responsibilities, outside work requirements leaves some students with very limited time to write. Im sure this is experienced across campuses. This policy feels like a heartfelt way to recognise the pressures students are experiencing through no fault of their own therefore should not be penalised.