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These are ideas submitted by students but rejected by student council.

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    CCTV camera at all strategic lecture rooms and common rooms.

      CCTV should be in all the common rooms and lecture rooms to prevent the activities of thieves and stealing .

      Why you think it is important

      I forgot my phone charger at the common room between E and F block ground floor, I went back after 1 hour and it has been stolen. I am 100% sure I forgot the charger at that projector section of the common room because I didn't go anywhere after leaving that place than my lecture room and I discovered I wasn't with it, I went back to check and it has been stolen.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      I am getting a new charger but I just wish to protect other students so as to be prevented from future occurrences because it can only take a thief to do that and it doesn't speak well of UWS students to be stealing.
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