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    Hold Liberation and School Officers to their Manifestos

      Liberation Officers and School Officers must be held to their manifesto campaigns. Student reps should have an opportunity to quiz them on their work in the same way that Sabbatical Officers are.

      Why you think it is important

      Roles such as liberation officers and school officers carry a huge amount of responsibility and require the trust of the student population - students should be know what work the officers are doing and how it affects them.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      It's important that the safe space policy is being followed when questioning all officers, but especially liberation officers. At student council, students will be expected to be respectful and aware of their privileges, and should bear in mind that these officers are not paid and are carrying out their roles on top of their studies.
    Gordon Lawrie
    11:42am on 30 Jan 20 While this is good in theory, (who could criticise accountability,) I don't think that Council is the correct venue. There are four sabbatical officers. I believe there are currently five Liberation Officers and eight School Officers. Even if questioning each one only took two minutes, doing so would eat up almost a quarter of Council's allocated time! The people to hold these officer's to account are the people who elected them. I would suggest reworking this to perhaps introduce a mechanism for Divisional Reps to be able to query School Officers on behalf of the students they represent, and for liberation groups to be able to question the Liberation Officers through their existing meetings.